Kauai Surfing

Surfing Kauai’s Shores

What kind of trip to the Garden Island would it be without a moment or two Kauai surfing on a surfboard? Not much, if you ask us. That’s why you should grab a board and head to the Kauai’s many surfable beaches. There are plenty of instructors waiting to help you and to introduce you to the best water for your skill level. Kauai surfing beaches are plentiful! Check them out!

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Private Surfing Lessons

Have you ever wanted to test your skills on a surfboard but never had the chance? If so, come to Hanalei Bay for a private surfing lesson. From novices to almost-pros, everyone will thrill to the unbeatable waves of Hanalei… 

Starting At: $156.25/Person


The north shore is a particularly strong Kauai surfing destination in the winter, when the Pacific Ocean experiences significant swells. If you’re an experienced surfer, then you may want to get in on this action by heading to Hanalei Bay, Nawiliwili Harbor, or Tunnels Beach. On the south shore, one place to try is Poipu Beach; on the east, hit the waves at Kalapaki or Kealia; and on the west, Kekaha Beach.

Surfing Lessons on Hanalei Bay

Come to the calm waters of Hanalei Bay for surfing lessons from experts. Our lessons incorporate beginner and advanced surfing techniques… 

Starting At: $67.71/Person


kauai surfing

If the open ocean is a bit intimidating to you, why not try a different type of Kauai surfing experience; namely, Stand Up Paddle surfing. This type of surfing is generally done on calm waters and is an excellent workout.

Stand Up Paddling Lesson

Starting At: $57.20/Person

Learn the art of Stand Up Paddling during a one-hour lesson combined with a two-hour ride on your own board along the relaxing waters of Hanalei Bay.


 Wherever you go, it’ll be easy to rent a surfboard or find a Kauai surfing instructor. Lessons typically last one or two hours, part of which is spent going over basic techniques on land, and part of which is spent practicing in the water. You’ll learn how to paddle, read waves, get up on your board, and much, much more.

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