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Kauai sightseeing excursions have more to see than you could possibly imagine. Get information about the history, and take in the sights and sounds, of Kauai’s Waimea Canyon, Fern Grotto, Captain Cook’s Landing, Wailua River, Spouting Horn, Koloa Town, Queen Victoria’s profile, Holo-holo Ku Heiau, Fort Elizabeth, Opaekaa Falls Lookout, and Coco Palms Grove. Whether you join a Kauai sightseeing tour or go out on your own, you are sure to be amazed!

Three of the top natural attractions are the Wailua River, Opaekaa Falls, and Wailua Falls. The river flows down from the 5,000-ft.-tall Mt. Waialeale, and passes seven temples on the way to the two, aforementioned waterfalls.

ATV Tour to Tropical Waterfalls

Explore Kauai back country on a four-hour waterfalls adventure using an easy to operate, all-terrain vehicle (ATV). … 

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kauai atv tours

You can see Wailua River by kayaking down it, hiking to it, or driving up Kuamoo Road or Kuhio Highway. Furthermore, from Kuamoo Road, Opaekaa Falls is very accessible, and offers dual, 150-ft. drops. The 173-ft. Wailua Falls is also nearby.

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Full-Day Kauai Sightseeing Tour

Wailua Falls
Kick up your feet and enjoy the many sites you’ll discover in the place Mark Twain once called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific – A full day’s worth of relaxation and tropical beauty. … 

Starting At: $79.69/Person


On the other side of Kauai is another attraction worthy of a prolonged sightseeing trek: Waimea Canyon. Climb up to Waimea Canyon Lookout to best behold the 14-mile-long, mile-wide canyon that reaches depths bordering 4,000 ft.

Half-Day Grand Canyon of Hawaii Tour

Explore the breathtaking Waimea Canyon for hours on end during this half-day excursion. Once dubbed by Mark Twain as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, this natural wonder offers endless beauty and clear views in all directions… 

Starting At: $65.63/Person


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We could go on forever about Waimea Canyon or any of the other attractions already named, but why spoil the fun? Head to Kauai and see them for yourself!

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Kauai Movie Locations Tours

The Island of Kauai has a long history with the movie industry. Some famous movies filed on the island include: Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blue Hawaii, and Pirates of the Caribbean. … 

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Situated in southern Kauai, Spouting Horn is one of the most dramatic sights on all of Kauai. Many Kauai sightseeing tours can take you here or you can go it on your own. Just take the Koloa Heritage Trail, or drive to the spacious parking lot at Poipu Beach, and you’ll be there to appreciate the crashing waves in no time flat.

As waves propel themselves onto the lava rocks, water passes through narrow crevices, forcing water upward and producing a piercing hissing noise. This spray elevates up to 50 or 60 ft. in the air, making Spouting Horn an unmistakable landmark and, thus, one of Hawaii’s most photographed locations. The visuals are particularly remarkable when lit up by a setting sun, which colors and illuminates the water. Thus, sunsets and high tide are ideal times for visiting.

Admission to Spouting Horn is free and its spurts are frequent, so there’s no reason not to see it. A protected overlook affords viewers tremendous angles by which they can capture the action without getting too close to the somewhat dangerous lava shelf and waves.

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