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Tour the Skys over Kauai

One of the best ways to see all that Kauai has to offer is by air, on a Kauai Helicopter tour. From above the clouds, you’ll see the Napali Coast, Waimea Canyon, Manawaiopuna Falls, and more. Air tours leave from Lihue, Hanapepe, and Princeville.

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1 Hour Kauai Helicopter Adventure

See more than you could imagine on this first-class helicopter flight over Kauai. In about 1 hour, you’ll see landmarks like Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast. STUNNING!… 

Starting At: $239.38/Person


Because the island’s landmarks are so large, you’ll appreciate getting the full-on perspective that you can only have while soaring hundreds of feet into the air. The Waimea Canyon, for example, is 14 miles long—far too vast to be captured in its entirety from upon the ground. This area is best seen on a Kauai helicopter tour.

65-min Airplane Tours of Kauai

Know what it’s like to be free as a bird on this 65-minute sightseeing tour over Kauai! Take a custom route above the island, and drink deeply the sights of the paradise below. …. 

Starting At: $135.20/Person



But aboard a Kauai helicopter, you can look down on its dramatic red earth and appreciate how the Wailua River snakes through it. The Napali Coast is especially extraordinary from the air, too. In fact, the jagged cliffs, which jut out to altitudes of 4,000 ft., are inaccessible by car, so this is one of the only ways to see them.

Kauai Air Tours

70 Minute Flight-Seeing Tour of Kauai

On this hour-long flight, you’ll soar over the Garden Island of Kauai. Feast your eyes upon the immaculate ocean and beaches, lush valleys, cascading waterfalls, and jagged mountains and cliffs. … 

Starting At: $149.82/Person


Stay on the coast, and you can pass over Allerton Garden of Jurassic Park fame, or over the surfer’s paradise known as Hanalei Bay. On the other hand, maybe you want to fly a bit inland. If so, then there are plenty of waterfalls you’ll have the chance to appreciate, including Opaekaa Falls and Wailua Falls

All Kauai Air Tours

Experience Kauai’s detailed beauty from an airplane or helicopter. Once you’ve gotten your birds eye perspective, you will be amazed at the amazing Kauai landscape. Click the “more details” tab for a complete listing of Kauai Helicopter Tours.



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Air Tours provide opportunities to see much more than the Napali Coast, and of all the Kauai tours, these are the most time and energy efficient. Plane and Kauai helicopter tours will take you out to famous locales such as Hanalei Bay, of surfing fame, legendary waterfalls such as Opaekaa Falls and Wailua Falls, and the summit of mile-high Mount Waialeale, which is surrounded by a tropical rainforest, thanks to the abundant rain in the region. In fact, the crater at Mount Waialeale is one of the rainiest spots on Earth! 

Other Kauai helicopter tours offer additional opportunities, too. Seated in a luxury chopper that features wraparound glass, you can find yourself hovering over Mana Waiapuna, dubbed “Jurassic Park Falls” due to its cameo in the famous ’90’s hit. Another “can’t miss” spot is Waimea Canyon, which is called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” because of its resemblance to the northern Arizona landmark. Located on Kauai’s western coast, the canyon is more than half-a-mile deep and ten miles long; the Waimea River, fed by the rainfall at Mount Waialeale, runs through it.


Kauai Helicopter Tours – More Information

Kauai helicopter tours provide for a riveting way to enjoy Hawaii’s “Island of Discovery.” Rich with plant and animal life, cliffs, mountains, and valleys, the landmass provides a worthy subject for those who decide to study it from the air. 

Of all the Kauai helicopter tours you could take, our first recommendation would be a “doors off” waterfall expedition. Lasting for roughly an hour and 15 minutes, this flight will introduce you to several of the most famous cascades on the island. That’s no small thing, either—Kauai is home to Manawaiopuna Falls, Opaekaa Falls, and Wailua Falls, to name a few. This aerial journey also will swing you past the shield volcano, Mt. Waialeale, and expose you to the breathtaking “Wall of Tears” on its eastern face. Here, over a dozen streams of water plunge downward against a backdrop of emerald green vegetation. In addition to that, because the doors are off during this helicopter tour, you’ll not only see the waterfalls, but also, feel their cool mist as the droplets land on your skin! 

Another worthwhile trip you should consider is a comprehensive island-wide helicopter tour. During this 90-minute-long expedition, you’ll look down into the depths of Waimea Canyon, the so-called “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” and get to view the thousand-foot sea cliffs of the Napali Coast face-to-face. So too will you hover over the summit of the aforementioned Mt. Waialeale at an altitude of one mile, and visit iconic beaches such as Hanalei Bay. 

Based on what we’ve just said, we hope you’re now thinking hard about what you might want to do the next time you’re in Hawaii. Similarly, we hope you’re as convinced as we are that, in terms of dramatic sightseeing and efficient use of time, nothing can beat Kauai helicopter tours!

So what are you waiting for! Jump on a Kauai helicopter today!

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