Kauai Weather

Kauai Weather 

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Looking for warming sunbeams and inviting temperatures? Then look no further than Kauai weather. The northernmost of Hawaii’s eight major islands, Kauai is a true tropical paradise that beckons visitors any time of the year. Indeed, there are few days here that aren’t worthy of a jaunt out to the beach to soak up the rays and to bathe in the sweet air and refreshing Pacific Ocean. 

On average, the temperatures on land are surprisingly moderate. Average daily readings range from just below 70 degrees during the winter, to the mid-80’s during the summer. Even at night, temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees, so you can go for a walk on the beach whenever you’d like. Perhaps most surprising of all, Kauai’s summer highs are only in the upper-80’s, and it has never topped 100 degrees on the island! Combined with a moderate 50%-70% humidity, Kauai’s climate is about as inviting as it gets. It’s neither a desert nor a bog, but rather, a lush land of cliffs, greenery, and comfortable temperatures. 

An amazing feature of Kauai weather are its seven microclimates, which range from the arid to the wet. The western side of the island, which features the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon, is generally dry. The Town of Polihale, for example, receives as few as five inches per year. By contrast, the interior of Kauai is far wetter. The area surrounding the mile-high Mt. Waialeale is a veritable rainforest, bursting forth with dense greenery, tropical flowers, and rare birds. The summit of Waialeale, in fact, is one of the rainiest locations on Earth. It averages over 450 inches per year, with a record of 683 inches back in 1982! 

That’s no cause for concern, however. Heavy rains are largely isolated to Kauai’s interior, and what rains do hit the coasts are likely to arrive at night. Daytime rain, meanwhile, generally lasts no more than a few minutes. The long and short of it is that, as you pack for your vacation to Kauai, you can leave your umbrella at home! 

So what about the water surrounding Kauai? Well, to be honest, the temperature is much like that of an indoor heated pool! The coolest the surface temperature gets is about 73 degrees in February; by contrast, it’s a positively balmy 80 degrees during October. The fallout is that Kauai is an ideal locale in which to go swimming or surfing. 

Helping Kauai weather achieve such an unbelievably inviting climate are its winds. Dubbed the “trade winds” due to the trading ships that once used them, these northeasterly winds cool off Kauai and keep the humidity low, even when during the rainy season. From time to time during the winter, gusts called the Kona winds can come from the west or the south; these bring hotter and more humid conditions. Nevertheless, they are generally quite rare, and should not greatly impede any travel plans. 

In summary, Kauai weather is about as comfortable as you can imagine. With a cool breeze and hours of daily sunshine, it’s no stretch to say that the island is practically heaven on earth.

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